Socks with Sandals?

The age-old question, “can I wear tights with open-toed shoes?” has taken on new meaning for me lately. I am ever-more tempted to wear socks with my blatantly strappy sandals. I actually think it looks really cool. Why should all those perfectly fun cutout platforms be hidden away during cold weather? I do realize that one has to be careful with outfit decisions, as this trend can easily go awry. But I think I’m going to try it! What about you?

If you want to try the trend but don’t want to spend a lot of cash, try Forever21 or ASOS. What do you think about these socks with these platforms? Click the pictures to shop!

Image 1 of Guess GW Amel Zip Front Tassel Sandals
Photo Credits: 1) Man Repeller 2) Careology 3) Swagger360 4) Swagger360 5) Swagger360
6) The Sartorialist 7) All the pretty birds

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