I Wore A Turban…

What I wore: turban – vintage from Cheap Thrills, blazer – vintage, jeans – Banana Republic, heels – vintage

I mentioned here that I was a fan of turbans but had not yet tried one out. A few weeks later, I found a vintage one at my favorite shop in Fayetteville – Cheap Thrills. I must say, I got a few ‘complisults’ at work. People said things like, “only you would wear that”. Haha.

Who cares, that’s why I love fashion – the ability to experiment. I do realize I’m taking a risk by posting a photo of myself after brutally judging the attendees of the met ball. Oh well!

So now that you see me in a turban, would you wear one?

3 thoughts on “I Wore A Turban…

  1. Daisy says:

    DEF! I love that on you – so cute!!! I dont think I would do it with jeans though… maybe something a little more hippie-esque? Dunno but maybe I will get the nerve to give it a try one day! :)

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