I love shopping at thrift and vintage stores. There’s something so green and sustainable about reusing and making the old new again. I also enjoy the process of picking through the inventory and trying on (I realize not everyone does). Plus it’s a great way to experiment with trends without breaking the bank, since nearly everything that’s in now has been in before. One of my favorite things about shopping at a thrift shop, versus a vintage shop, is that they often don’t know the brands that have been donated. They just line-price everything, denim is denim etc. That’s where we benefit. For example, I got a vintage Oscar de la Renta blouse last night at Potter’s house thrift store for $2.92. I think one of the problems we have when shopping is we can’t visualize how an article of clothing will transform once we have it on, so we pass it by. You have to have an open mind and a little bit of time to find the diamonds in the rough, if you will. Sometimes I will try on 30 things to only find 3 that work. But when it works and it’s cheap, it’s so worth the extra time.

I also love this editorial set in a chic vintage shop. Enjoy!

Photographer: Jamie Nelson, Model: Kim Cloutier, Fashion Editor: Shelly Vella.  Cosmo UK Sept 2010 via DJA

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