Pageant Mom


I’ve always had a pretty high opinion of my husband’s looks. I may be a bit biased, but I feel like it’s undeniable that he is an attractive guy. One of the things that makes him so lovely is his lack of self-awareness in that regard; which ultimately works in his favor. Well, my friends, I am feeling validation.
Recently, a girlfriend that works for a magazine asked for a favor. They needed a guy to model a bespoke suit from The Independent (a seriously sharp shop for dudes) for a magazine promotion. Being that Ro is tall & trim, I volunteered him.
During the shoot, he was a natural and I was a pageant mom: taking behind the scenes shots, shouting “look over here” & “chin down babe”.
I asked Jade (the photographer-extraordinaire) to snap a few pictures of me alongside my glorious. well-dressed man. I got one. But, it’s a good one.
Rest assured that I will share more from the shoot as it becomes available.


Also, look for both of the Bridewells in the Dec ’13 issue of Celebrate.
My look:
Vintage Hat – Plato’s Closet
Vintage Leather Bomber – Grey Dog
Dress – Thrifted Melissa Lane
Boots – ASOS




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