The Beauty of NWAFW: HAIR

Welcome! There is a new and exciting addition to the window shop! VIDEO. Jess Whalen is the on-staff videographer at Crystal Bridges. We recently became friends and have been plotting this collaboration. She and her husband (he does sound mixing, etc) have a company called Truebadours and they are a pretty powerful pair. Doesn’t video integration add so much to any experience? Especially alongside a fashion-focused photoshoot, it adds a story behind the pictures. We hope you enjoy it!
For the part II of the 2014 NWA Fashion Week Window Shop kick-off, I want to introduce you to Nicole Shipley. She is the hair chair for NWAFW; that role means she is in charge of all of the stylists that volunteer their time for the runway shows. From conception to execution, Nicole makes sure it all goes smoothly. In addition to the Hair chair position, she is a full-time stylist at Studio 8 in Fayetteville. Her entrée into hair styling is self-described as un-glamorous. However, I disagree. She started styling hair on the side as a way to put herself through school.  She quickly realized that she took to the scissors and enjoyed her part-time job more than she ever expected. When she said she had been practicing for 10 years, it immediately aged me. But that’s because I’ve known her since we were youngins – we grew up together in Fayetteville.  She has always been tall and blonde with a model figure. She’s also incredibly kind and funny but doesn’t take herself too seriously. Nicole has perfected her tomboy-chic uniform – opting for stylish comfort paired with statement pieces (leather sweats & a tank for work / skinnies and a vintage fur for outings).  She gravitates toward clothing that is slightly androgynous (which totally works for her chill personality and tall stature), sticks to solid colors paired with edgier pieces and lots and lots of black.
with Nicole Shipley
Nicole recommends hair tricks/shortcuts that are super simple. She advocates going to sleep with a style in your hair (for example: braided, bun/s, loose pins – set so that you wake up, shake it out, touch it up and go.  To control frizz you have to know where it comes from, each strand of hair has a cuticle layer that runs down the hair shaft so directing the dryer down the hair shaft will get you one step closer to a smoother finished product.  In creating an undone look, she suggests blowing out your frame first (the bangs and hairline area because it’s where anyone you see will focus) then blow-dry the rest before working in your favorite product (sea salt/dry clay/dry shampoo/oil or mousse). This Spring, Nicole predicts we’ll see more straight/understated looks, tucked back behind the ears and smooth, unkempt / fuzzy textures, loose (almost falling out) braids as well as sleek, polished or low slung pony tails.

Davines Products

I have one particular memory of a party she had in junior high where we played spin the bottle and danced to “No Diggity”. Not much has changed. She’s still a blast. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to work with her; considering I’ve heard (only) rave reviews about her skills. Needless to say, she was impressive – she brought props! A big proponent of Davines, she used several of their products (see which ones below) to create four-five looks for me one evening in mid-December. Photos by Mallory Berry

The (not-so) Classic Ponytail

The French


Unstructured Curls

Mini Crimped!

I asked Nicole to tell me her favorite look or style to give someone in her chair. She quickly tells me she prefers to do whatever her client feels confident wearing. “If someone feels good about the way they look, they can pull off anything.” Too true, Nicole, too true.

Get the Look

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