What I Wore: White Heat

what I wore: dress – pinwheels via grey dog, earrings – cheap thrills, bracelet – mae’s, heels – forever21, lips – covergirl lip perfection in hot over covergirl outlast longwear in everreddy (I never have to reapply)

I have really positive feelings associated with this dress. I picked it out especially for our engagement pictures. Then wore it to a party and when we toured the Amalfi coast on our honeymoon. So, it always makes me happy to wear it. It doesn’t hurt that it’s super comfortable.

Honeymoon Edition: The Amalfi Coast

On the second day in Positano, we had a driver and guide accompany us along the Amalfi coast. We passed through Furore, Praiano, Minori and Maiori and stopped in Amalfi and Ravello. The view was absolutely ridiculous the whole way. Amalfi is the hub of the whole coast. All the kids living in Positano or Salerno or wherever are bussed to Amalfi to attend school. Ravello is a musical village high up in the cliffs where tons of artists come every year to perform. It was interesting to learn that the teeny (often one lane) highway we were on was the only way to get from one end of the coast to the other. For generations, the only way to get from the mountain villages to the coast was  down steps!
The beauty was not only in the coast, the water, the buildings but also the agriculture. There were terraces of lemon trees, vinyards and chestnut trees. I have also never tasted a better tomato!

The “duomo” in Amalfi

The town square in Amalfi

The view!

The terraces below are the lemon trees!

These signs took you to staircases which lead to the beach.

Insalata Caprese…mmm

The ring!!

With our guide, Guiseppe

(what i wore: hats – purchased on the street in amalfi, dress – grey dog, sunglasses – vintage rayban, necklace – kate spade, sandals – impressions in fayetteville)

Honeymoon Edition: Positano

Positano was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever imagined. The cliffside villas, the clear water, the pebble beach. Everyone was incredibly friendly and I brushed up on my college Italian. It felt like we were in the middle of a postcard and it almost makes me sad to look at the pictures because it was such a lovely time. We ate gobs of pizza and gelati. We sat in the sun and slept in late. We walked the narrow streets – Positano centers around one beach and our hotel (Buca di Bacco) was on it. There are roads that take you all the way down but 200 yards from the beach they become too narrow for cars. We had to walk the rest of the way down and have our bags portered.
Our room opened up onto a balcony and we had two chairs so we could sit and people-watch.

Our hotel. The yellow building with two rows of windows was ours.
The view from our room

The narrow streets
Loving on my brand new hubby
Laughing the night away…

Honeymoon Edition: Getting there

We showed up to the airport (I wore a bowtie) and we were so excited for our adventure to commence. But, we realized almost immediately that our flight was delayed – causing us to miss our connection to Rome. We thought the airline would be happy to help the honeymooners….no such luck. After being told they couldn’t get us out until the next evening – and a little hysterical crying – we were re-booked on a different airline by our fairy godmother/travel agent.

After standby to Chicago > Paris > Rome, then a four hour drive to the Amalfi coast, it was worth it.
(what i wore: white tuxedo jacket – banana republic, dress/bowtie – vintage from grey dog, heels – forever21, earrings – kate spade)
These were taken on the way to Positano. More to come!

Bridal Inspiration {Our Honeymoon}

We booked our honeymoon! AHHH! I’m so excited. We are going to Italy (Rome and Positano) for eight days. We’re staying at the Marcella Royal Hotel in Roma and Hotel Buci de Bacco in Positano.


This is the rooftop bar at the Marcella


This is a balcony at the Buca di Bacco

The view

The hotel

An amazing video of the beach at Positano