Honeymoon Edition: The Amalfi Coast

On the second day in Positano, we had a driver and guide accompany us along the Amalfi coast. We passed through Furore, Praiano, Minori and Maiori and stopped in Amalfi and Ravello. The view was absolutely ridiculous the whole way. Amalfi is the hub of the whole coast. All the kids living in Positano or Salerno or wherever are bussed to Amalfi to attend school. Ravello is a musical village high up in the cliffs where tons of artists come every year to perform. It was interesting to learn that the teeny (often one lane) highway we were on was the only way to get from one end of the coast to the other. For generations, the only way to get from the mountain villages to the coast was  down steps!
The beauty was not only in the coast, the water, the buildings but also the agriculture. There were terraces of lemon trees, vinyards and chestnut trees. I have also never tasted a better tomato!

The “duomo” in Amalfi

The town square in Amalfi

The view!

The terraces below are the lemon trees!

These signs took you to staircases which lead to the beach.

Insalata Caprese…mmm

The ring!!

With our guide, Guiseppe

(what i wore: hats – purchased on the street in amalfi, dress – grey dog, sunglasses – vintage rayban, necklace – kate spade, sandals – impressions in fayetteville)

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