Globes Best Dressed

Impressed: MVPs

If you saw The Help, you know Viola Davis did a fantastic job but looked about 60. At the Globes, she looked fresh, young and rocked up. Most Impressive.
I usually like what Claire Danes wears (that might be because I adore her hubby, Hugh Dancy). But she does tend to play it safe. Her dress at the GG was nothing but fabulous.
Rooney Mara seems to have completely changed her personality, along with her looks for the role as Lisbeth Salander. Whatever she’s done, she looks gorgeous &she worked it in that gorgeous black gown.
A lot of people hated Jessica Biel’s lacy, cream confection. I was not one of them. I thought she looked darling and different. Plus, did you see her strut in that thing?

Well Played: Played it safe and it served them well.

Witherspoon, Vergara, Jolie, Kidman – all in figure-flattering silhouettes with great hair and makeup.

Unimpressed: Disappointed

I’m really into Jessica Chastain. I keep routing for her but she continually disappoints me. I would rather have seen her in an outfit from The Help.
Mila Kunis looked so great all last season. The glimpse of her nipple was the most exciting thing about this dismal dress.
I want to like Zooey Deschanel but I just can’t. And to quote the Eagles, I can’t tell you why. I can tell you I have no idea what she wore to the Globes because her hair was absolutely HORRIFYING.

I Expected More From

Natalie Portman
This is basically the first time we’ve seen Natalie on the red carpet in a year. The dress/hair are boring and she obviously has a great body… I’m disappointed.
I absolutely love Michelle Williams. Therefore, I think I hold her to a higher standard. I think she looks darling but I wish she looked phenomenal.
Kate is another favorite of mine. I hate this dress, it doesn’t fit and certainly doesn’t do anything for her lovely figure.

Where the F was he?
photos via vulture

MTV Award Fashion

Nothing blew me away. Sooo here’s what I felt like sharing. Red carpets have been so uninteresting lately, do you agree?
Chelsea Handler: I hate this dress. Am I being too harsh?
Bynes: Hanus. Too much. The extensions, the tightness, the make-up.
Leighton: I am just not into this. I feel like I’ve seen this dress everywhere.
LEIGHTON MEESTER photo | Leighton Meester
Reese: Safe
REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon
I’m an Emma Watson fan but this dress does nothing for her. Except making her look like a gymnast.
EMMA WATSON photo | Emma Watson
I’m seriously tired of Cam wearing rompers/short shorts. You have amazing legs. We get it.
CAMERON DIAZ photo | Cameron Diaz
Jessica Szor: Hobby Lobby meets Brooklyn
JESSICA SZOHR photo | Jessica Szohr
Emma Stone seems to be doing a lot of good things style-wise. I’m also impressed by the fact that her hair seems to look good in every color.
EMMA STONE photo | Emma Stone
Elle Fanning: age-appropriate, adorable
ELLE FANNING photo | Elle Fanning
K-Stew: While I’m not loving the safety pins, I do think this is a welcome look from her. She’s slightly smiling. Her hair looks real. Her make-up isn’t toooo smoky.
KRISTEN STEWART photo | Kristen Stewart
via People

Emma Stone

OMG I could hardly recognize Emma Stone at the Golden Globes. I didn’t realize how long and lean she was. Has she lost a ton of weight? I also really liked her as a blonde. Also, those of you who read this blog often know how partial I am to an open back. Lovely. I’m very much looking forward to seeing her performance in “The Help” as well.