MTV Award Fashion

Nothing blew me away. Sooo here’s what I felt like sharing. Red carpets have been so uninteresting lately, do you agree?
Chelsea Handler: I hate this dress. Am I being too harsh?
Bynes: Hanus. Too much. The extensions, the tightness, the make-up.
Leighton: I am just not into this. I feel like I’ve seen this dress everywhere.
LEIGHTON MEESTER photo | Leighton Meester
Reese: Safe
REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon
I’m an Emma Watson fan but this dress does nothing for her. Except making her look like a gymnast.
EMMA WATSON photo | Emma Watson
I’m seriously tired of Cam wearing rompers/short shorts. You have amazing legs. We get it.
CAMERON DIAZ photo | Cameron Diaz
Jessica Szor: Hobby Lobby meets Brooklyn
JESSICA SZOHR photo | Jessica Szohr
Emma Stone seems to be doing a lot of good things style-wise. I’m also impressed by the fact that her hair seems to look good in every color.
EMMA STONE photo | Emma Stone
Elle Fanning: age-appropriate, adorable
ELLE FANNING photo | Elle Fanning
K-Stew: While I’m not loving the safety pins, I do think this is a welcome look from her. She’s slightly smiling. Her hair looks real. Her make-up isn’t toooo smoky.
KRISTEN STEWART photo | Kristen Stewart
via People

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