Pretty Young Thing

She is quite lovely to look at, no? Elle Fanning is about to take Hollywood by storm at the tender age of 13. There are few girls blessed with this sort of beauty in junior high school, but I believe she is one. I love her look, both in these editorials and on the red carpet. I think both she and her sister, Dakota, have long careers ahead of them.



Elle Fanning in Marie Claire July 2011 via Young Celebs and Interview Magazine December/January 2010/2011 via 

MTV Award Fashion

Nothing blew me away. Sooo here’s what I felt like sharing. Red carpets have been so uninteresting lately, do you agree?
Chelsea Handler: I hate this dress. Am I being too harsh?
Bynes: Hanus. Too much. The extensions, the tightness, the make-up.
Leighton: I am just not into this. I feel like I’ve seen this dress everywhere.
LEIGHTON MEESTER photo | Leighton Meester
Reese: Safe
REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon
I’m an Emma Watson fan but this dress does nothing for her. Except making her look like a gymnast.
EMMA WATSON photo | Emma Watson
I’m seriously tired of Cam wearing rompers/short shorts. You have amazing legs. We get it.
CAMERON DIAZ photo | Cameron Diaz
Jessica Szor: Hobby Lobby meets Brooklyn
JESSICA SZOHR photo | Jessica Szohr
Emma Stone seems to be doing a lot of good things style-wise. I’m also impressed by the fact that her hair seems to look good in every color.
EMMA STONE photo | Emma Stone
Elle Fanning: age-appropriate, adorable
ELLE FANNING photo | Elle Fanning
K-Stew: While I’m not loving the safety pins, I do think this is a welcome look from her. She’s slightly smiling. Her hair looks real. Her make-up isn’t toooo smoky.
KRISTEN STEWART photo | Kristen Stewart
via People