Cher/Trainwreck/Can’t look away

TRAVELING TRIO photo | Cher, Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell

I can’t wait to see this terrific tranny version of Cher on gofugyourself later today. But for now, I just have to say “wow”. And I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but Cher, you make X-tina look good. Not an easy feat.

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Why Jessica Simpson?

The fug girls (please please please go check them out) have dubbed J. Simps as one of the “worst dressed celebs of all time”. And although I initially balked, because she has made some good choices, I have to agree when presented with the array of ammunition. Cases in points…

spl48377_001.jpgspl46116_004.jpgspl117175_003.jpgspl110101_001.jpg30077PCN_TheSimpsons21.jpgspl87028_002.jpgspl75794_004.jpgwenn2828638.jpgThumbnail image for 34627PCN_Smile06.jpg95883674.jpg93514705.jpg

My favorite quote from the fug girls about J. Simps is as follows, “HONEY. How many times do we have to talk about this? You have to buy the actual size that you ACTUALLY WEAR. NO ONE will know what that size is. NO ONE! Instead, they will just stop thinking things like, “Jessica Simpson’s dress is too small. It’s not very flattering on her. That poor girl. Why doesn’t anyone help her out? All the unfortunate outfits and the bad boyfriends…it’s like no one cares. I’m sad now. I wonder where I put that plate of potato salad.” Do you really want random strangers on the internets worrying that your friends don’t care while misplacing deli salads? Do you want that? I can’t imagine you want that. What you do want — if you haven’t figured it out on your own — is someone in your life who will grab you and say, “Don’t wear that, and stop twittering Tony Romo! You can do better in both categories.” Ashlee’s unemployed! Put her on the job.”

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Dear Readers,

All three of you…I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. I wish everyone was able to take off  most of the week like me. I know you’re jealous if you are not one of those people. I know I would be if I were you. However, even though you begrudge my time off, you cannot take it away from me. For that and for you, I am thankful.

I must tell you I will probably take a hiatus from posting as often as I like to in regular life in favor of drinking wine on someone’s couch mid-day while watching soapnet, forcing my brothers to listen to my music or “helping my mom cook” which also entails magazine reading and perusing her closet. Also, there will be plenty of time spent in the tub (see etsy).

While I’m away, do a few things for me.

  • Go see Burlesque and tell me about it: so I don’t have to because I fear I’d never stop complaining about it and that’s not good for anyone.
  • Check out GoFugYourself. It is so freaking funny and I love it.
  • Try some Man Repelling. I have a serious and not-so-secret crush on Leandra Medine, the author and her man-getter to man-repeller instruction manuals.
  • Check this ridiculous website for office gifts: Knock Knock

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Tub Caddy made of Reclaimed Oak from a Broken Down Hardware Store

Love from the tub,


OMG Tavi is Michelle Williams Jr

Isn’t it slightly hard to believe Michelle Williams has gone from this


to this?

October W cover.jpg

Well, she has and it’s great and she’s stunning and she gives hope to all awkward/mousy womankind.

Alas… I can’t help but notice that she and Tavi bear a certain resemblance to each other. Esp Tavi circa now and Michelle circa end of dawson’s creek.

Case in point:

Which one is Michelle and which is Tavi?!?!?! Am I the only one who feels this way?

pics from gofugyourself and bluefly

Valentino, deer & other things.

I’ve discovered a website to adore: has me all excited. On another note and discovered via the fug girls, is it possible that Valentino really looks like this?

106921573.jpg 83824732.jpg

Over the weekend I went to South Arkansas with my bf. It was a good trip. His family is lovely and rather un-crazy so it’s always nice to see them. This particular weekend we went to the hunting camp and yours truly happened to witness two large bucks (the deer with the antlers for those of us unfamiliar) “locked-up” in the throes of some sort of Planet Earth-worthy altercation. I was rather proud that I chose to wear knee-high flat boots (thanks forever21!) as I sauntered through the forest hoping to get a look at the Bambi’s daddies/hoping to find a nearby tree if there was any chance of getting skewered. Boyfriend and I were a little behind the action but we did catch glimpses and in the end, the bucks were freed with the help of a 12-foot chainsaw, only an antler and an eyeball were lost…and there’s a video…to be posted shortly.