Valentino, deer & other things.

I’ve discovered a website to adore: has me all excited. On another note and discovered via the fug girls, is it possible that Valentino really looks like this?

106921573.jpg 83824732.jpg

Over the weekend I went to South Arkansas with my bf. It was a good trip. His family is lovely and rather un-crazy so it’s always nice to see them. This particular weekend we went to the hunting camp and yours truly happened to witness two large bucks (the deer with the antlers for those of us unfamiliar) “locked-up” in the throes of some sort of Planet Earth-worthy altercation. I was rather proud that I chose to wear knee-high flat boots (thanks forever21!) as I sauntered through the forest hoping to get a look at the Bambi’s daddies/hoping to find a nearby tree if there was any chance of getting skewered. Boyfriend and I were a little behind the action but we did catch glimpses and in the end, the bucks were freed with the help of a 12-foot chainsaw, only an antler and an eyeball were lost…and there’s a video…to be posted shortly.

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