My buddy!

Today is my dearest friend Lauren’s birthday. She has decided to grace us with her presence a day early and I couldn’t be more excited to get off work today, squeeze into my bikini (or one-piece, remains to be seen) and pop a few bottles of bub. Lauren is, like me, trying to figure out where her youth is leading her. And luckily, she’s 2 mos older than me! hahah Anyway, congratulations to Lauren for getting her MBA and an adorable English mastiff named Dwight (superman).Lo and D-wight!I love Lauren mostly because she is magnetic. She is someone that I just want to be around. Most people who meet her feel that way. Last night, I had the priviledge of hearing all about Lauren’s conception/birth from her mother (my 2nd mother). It made me appreciate our parents decisions to start families and also highly conscious of time movement. Lauren was born 24 years ago today. It seems like forever to her and to me, because it is our only existence, but to her parents it was not nearly as long. Exhibited by her mother’s unfailing knowledge of every detail. Family is so precious and it’s not limited to blood relatives. Thank God. That is not meant as a sneer to my own blood relatives, which I do love dearly.

Today I feel lucky to have Lauren and several of my other oldest friends in my town to celebrate the impending marriage of our friend Fitz. I have been friends with Fitz the longest, having sat by her on my first school day in Fayetteville, Mrs. Sager’s 3rd grade class. Anyway, Lauren’s family is throwing a fiesta for dearest Fitz and her intended, Goode. They do have first names, but I have chosen to refer to them as I do in real life. I am hap-hap-happiest at Lauren’s family’s house with all of our friends on warm summer nights, drinking wine and singing at the piano. Lauren's living room, typical scene.So, while I am conflicted about my future and my life plans, I do realize I have much to be thankful for. Precious friends + lovely memories = beautiful life.


2 thoughts on “My buddy!

  1. Mom says:

    Sis….just lovelovelove your writing and feel as if I know you a bit better after reading your blogs.

    You’re a wonderful friend…and an even better daughter. So glad you are mine…mims

  2. Shannon Ortego says:

    What an amazing young woman you are. We are grateful to have you in our lives. Kudos to you, Carolyn, for raising such a wonderful daughter.

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