The Thrills of Summer

  1. Outdoor concerts, noodling, tents.
  2. Trespassing in parks to swing, chat or be mischievious.
  3. Croakies that float, sparkle and work for any type of water situation.
  4. Flip-flops, especially those that have secret compartments.
  5. Sunsets, starry nights, fireworks: preferably observed in the arms of someone who thinks you’re beautiful.
  6. Suntans: truth is that they actually do make everyone look better. like 10x better.
  7. Firefly, the bug and the vodka.
  8. Sundresses. Dresses with pockets have been around forever, go to any vintage shop worth its chops and you’ll find that out. Why they went away for 30 years is the better question. But – deep breath – they’re back and better than ever.
  9. Chardonnay spritzers, boxed wine, cold beer, champagne, Palomas (silver patron, fresca and lime). I don’t care who you are, sipping cocktails outside when it’s warm is just a lovely feeling.
  10. Leaving work and having 4ish hours of daylight left.
  11. The sweet smell of sweat wafting from your significant other after a walk in the park.
  12. Late-night swims, skinny-dipping, the general weightless feeling of submersion in water.
  13. A plethora of movies in the theater waiting to be seen.
  14. Apertifs (drinks before dinner to stimulate the appetite), dining alfresco, summer foods like mangos, raspberries, crab legs, raw oysters (only in months that include an R, unless you’re quite brave).
  15. Vacation, or even the thought/hope/wish of a spontaneous excursion. Someone whisk me somewhere! I do so love being whisked…
  16. Flowers, greenery, sunglasses, shade, large hats, travel sizes, nail polish – all of these things take on a new meaning in the muggy, breezy, sunny summer. Get out and enjoy.
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