September is upon us

An update is in order. I have been following fashion week, as much as possible and am already feeling loathsome about the imposing winter months filled with car-warm-up sessions and perpetual black ice inspections. Nevermind all that, for now as we are still on the brink of autumn and there are many football games, bonfire tinged breezes and luscious boots to enjoy.

Having sworn off tanning forever in early August – after synthetic tanning machines were declared quite as cancer causing as cigarette-smoking – I decided to indulge in a spray tan. The result was really more hilarious than pleasant and an innocent photograph with my beau looked more like a foray into black-face. My dear friend, Sara, has described spray tanning experiences as being quite glamorous, with a nice lady setting up a tent in one’s living room and splashing every nook and cranny of one’s birthday suit with delicious bronze-ness. It was not quite so for myself and I’ve decided to try something new.

Spray Tan

Spray Tan

I’ve been reading in the magazines/blogs lately that fair is in. Maybe they’re girls, much like me, who have sworn off tanning in favor of aging gracefully or maybe they really believe that a little lack of color looks good? Could it be? I’ve thought since I was just a girl of 15 that pale was equal to an unappealing jaundice-like pallor on skin such as mine. I have made a vow to find out. This winter. It helps if you’re thin…

Although I’m not yet “pale”, I haven’t allowed myself sun-time without at least a slather of spf 15 and I’ve plunged into foreign territory. Less is more? For the past week at work, I’ve worn nothing but tinted moisturizer, concealer and mascara. I must admit, I like it. It’s easy, it’s classic and it’s great when paired with bright lips. No promises on whether or not I’ll stick with the less is more policy, but change is always interesting if not fun.

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