The Proposal


We’re engaged! I am still in shock, completely. My sweet (fiancé – gahhh!) Robert asked me to get hitched on Friday night. I was totally surprised. My mom was in on it and lured me out to the Fayetteville square on the guise of taking family photos. He was completely caught off guard when the square was full of people, horse-draw carriages and even camels. We started walking around and he told me I was the love of his life – to which I said “you’re the love of my life too babe!” I did not get it until he dropped to one knee. I couldn’t believe it and collapsed onto him, hugging him. We are out-of-this world excited. His family honored me with his Great-Grandmother’s ring. Many more details to come!

Above: the lights on the square / Below: Us & the beautiful ring

Top Image

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