Oscar PR Girl

Complete Lifestyle Lust: Erika Bearman is the PR girl for Oscar De La Renta. She twitters (@oscarprgirl) and tumblrs various tidbits about her, Oscar and her & Oscar. She is utterly fashionable, cheeky and also pretty likable if you ask me. Here she is with her adorable husband, Jonathan Bearman and being street-photographed. She is also covered by the WSJ here at Fashion’s night out meeting and greeting the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Erika Bearman, Jonathan Bearman

Her bio via Fashionista:

Name: Erika Bearman

Age: 29

Occupation: Director of communications for Oscar de la Renta and @Oscarprgirlon Twitter.

What was the last good movie you saw? The Social Network

Who is your favorite person to follow on twitter? John Jannuzzi. He has a blog textbook.tumblr.com, which is just so original and he really has a point of view.

What are you listening to? “Devil In a New Dress” by Kanye West and “The Story of Us” by Taylor Swift.

What one item of clothing do you wear almost every day? High-waisted pants and clutches.

What is the most prominent color in your wardrobe? Navy

What is your favorite dessert?
Italian Ice

What was your favorite look from the Spring 2011 show? Probably the striped pant suit or the azalea & white print dress that Isabeli Fontana wore.

What are you wearing? ODLR Jeans, ODLR jacket, Topshop shirt, Balenciaga clutch, Ralph Lauren glasses, and the ring is from my grandmother.

She also shares personal photos of her outfits via twitter.


See what I mean? Via OscarPRGirl

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