Going Platinum

I am a woman that has very dark hair.


I also have a blonde mother, and when I was growing up she was on the local news. She always looked glamorous and had more than her fair share of admirers/imitators. I’m sure those early images of her ultra-light hair is the root-cause, I’ve always harbored a deep, dark desire to be a blonde.

My mom in the early 1980s

A lot of women fall into the not blonde/ not brunette range and they can flip and flop between. For those of us with the darkest locks, it’s mostly more of a pipe dream (due to cost, upkeep or finding a stylist that can do it). While I know that my hair and my wallet do not want me to turn to bleach, I still really really want to but have never really come close. I’ve had the occasional highlight, which has gone awry more than once. And I’ve gone darker, to give myself the illusion of a “change”. I’ve told myself that one day I’ll chop the whole thing off and dye it blonde, which would be considerably easier on my mane but in the back of my mind, I know it’s not true. It’s just not meant to be…
sequin baseball t.
Enter Erika Bearman aka @oscarprgirl (above). She is the PR exec for Oscar de la Renta and an enviable force in social media. I keep up with her via twitter or instagram to see what she’s wearing and admire her for being a woman in a high-power/ high-influence role. It doesn’t hurt that she’s charming and visually lovely. Like me, she often expressed an ambition to become a blonde. I sighed along with her while perusing editorials and street style snaps of honey to champagne-shaded tresses.

blonde ambition.

Suddenly, earlier this week, she announced her intent. OscarPRGirl would be a blonde. I became excited and anxious to see the results. But also – I felt nervous for her and the finality of all that bleach, like only a fellow brunette would. Luckily, she took vogue.com (natch) along for the ride to document the lengthy (12.5 hour) process. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with the wildly transformed hair color. I know she will rock it and ultimately help all of the lonely brunettes out there to decide whether or not to take the plunge. Full story here.

Vogue Daily —

Lady in Red

avec une ceinture

Wouldn’t this be perfect for V-day? I’ve been reading a lot lately how most men absolutely abhor Valentine’s day. Why? Is it really that bad? I understand it’s hard if you’re alone but what do those who are with someone hate so much about it. Feeling lucky that my main squeeze doesn’t mind taking me to dinner. I understand that it’s a BS holiday and that people shouldn’t show their love on only one day but I really don’t mind the standing dinner invite. It also happens to be our decided anniversary.

via OscarPRGirl

Oscar PR Girl

Complete Lifestyle Lust: Erika Bearman is the PR girl for Oscar De La Renta. She twitters (@oscarprgirl) and tumblrs various tidbits about her, Oscar and her & Oscar. She is utterly fashionable, cheeky and also pretty likable if you ask me. Here she is with her adorable husband, Jonathan Bearman and being street-photographed. She is also covered by the WSJ here at Fashion’s night out meeting and greeting the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Erika Bearman, Jonathan Bearman

Her bio via Fashionista:

Name: Erika Bearman

Age: 29

Occupation: Director of communications for Oscar de la Renta and @Oscarprgirlon Twitter.

What was the last good movie you saw? The Social Network

Who is your favorite person to follow on twitter? John Jannuzzi. He has a blog textbook.tumblr.com, which is just so original and he really has a point of view.

What are you listening to? “Devil In a New Dress” by Kanye West and “The Story of Us” by Taylor Swift.

What one item of clothing do you wear almost every day? High-waisted pants and clutches.

What is the most prominent color in your wardrobe? Navy

What is your favorite dessert?
Italian Ice

What was your favorite look from the Spring 2011 show? Probably the striped pant suit or the azalea & white print dress that Isabeli Fontana wore.

What are you wearing? ODLR Jeans, ODLR jacket, Topshop shirt, Balenciaga clutch, Ralph Lauren glasses, and the ring is from my grandmother.

She also shares personal photos of her outfits via twitter.


See what I mean? Via OscarPRGirl

Wrapped Up

fur1 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>

I always love to see examples of looking chic while fully bundled. I think this editorial featuring Anna Iaryn does exactly that.

fur2 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur3 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur4 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur5 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur6 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur7 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>fur8 Anna Iaryn by Man Sumarni for <em>WWD</em>

Taking a late night trip into the city, Man Sumarni captures Anna Iaryn in luxurious furs for the December 28th issue of WWD. Outfitted by fashion editor Bobbi Queen, Anna dons an array of looks from the likes of Jerry Sorbara, Oscar De La Renta and Adrienne Landau. – FGR