What I Wore: Breaking the Rules

what I wore: dress – vintage paper white from cheap thrills, slip – target, platforms – forever 21
I’ve never adhered to the no white after labor day rules. No, maybe I wouldn’t wear a strapless white shift with sandals in the snow, but that’s really about practicality and not about following set guidelines. On the first day of March, the forecast was for 74 degrees. I am a self-proclaimed sun worshiping summer lover and I took the opportunity to wear a white lattice dress. I knew the minute my eyes locked on this dress that it would have to be mine. You know that moment when you have the internal argument with yourself about how much money you can possibly let yourself spend? Luckily it was $18. And I have to tell you this is the very best silhouette for ANY WOMAN. Ladylike & feminine, it accentuates the waist, shows the legs and covers the arms. PERFECTION.

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