What I Wore: A Whole Lot of Accessories

what I wore: jeans – blank, sweater – vintage thrifted, boots – anne michelle, blazer – margaret godfrey (find on ebay), b pin/star necklace/chain – mae’s, lightning pin – cheap thrills, sapphire ring/bracelet/coin ring – vintage (gifts), evil eye bracelet (house of harlow) earrings (kenneth jay lane) – charm and chain, nails – charlotte russe
I coerced my dear mother into snapping a few shots.

Going Platinum

I am a woman that has very dark hair.


I also have a blonde mother, and when I was growing up she was on the local news. She always looked glamorous and had more than her fair share of admirers/imitators. I’m sure those early images of her ultra-light hair is the root-cause, I’ve always harbored a deep, dark desire to be a blonde.

My mom in the early 1980s

A lot of women fall into the not blonde/ not brunette range and they can flip and flop between. For those of us with the darkest locks, it’s mostly more of a pipe dream (due to cost, upkeep or finding a stylist that can do it). While I know that my hair and my wallet do not want me to turn to bleach, I still really really want to but have never really come close. I’ve had the occasional highlight, which has gone awry more than once. And I’ve gone darker, to give myself the illusion of a “change”. I’ve told myself that one day I’ll chop the whole thing off and dye it blonde, which would be considerably easier on my mane but in the back of my mind, I know it’s not true. It’s just not meant to be…
sequin baseball t.
Enter Erika Bearman aka @oscarprgirl (above). She is the PR exec for Oscar de la Renta and an enviable force in social media. I keep up with her via twitter or instagram to see what she’s wearing and admire her for being a woman in a high-power/ high-influence role. It doesn’t hurt that she’s charming and visually lovely. Like me, she often expressed an ambition to become a blonde. I sighed along with her while perusing editorials and street style snaps of honey to champagne-shaded tresses.

blonde ambition.

Suddenly, earlier this week, she announced her intent. OscarPRGirl would be a blonde. I became excited and anxious to see the results. But also – I felt nervous for her and the finality of all that bleach, like only a fellow brunette would. Luckily, she took vogue.com (natch) along for the ride to document the lengthy (12.5 hour) process. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with the wildly transformed hair color. I know she will rock it and ultimately help all of the lonely brunettes out there to decide whether or not to take the plunge. Full story here.

Vogue Daily —

What I Wore: Nostalgia

what I wore: dress – nostalgia, belt – vintage, heels – vince camuto, earrings – vintage from mae’s

This dress is so aptly branded. I didn’t realize the name of the brand until I took it off to record it for this post, but it is nostalgia. The reason it’s nostalgic to me is that this dress was purchased for me by my mother on a girls’ trip to Eureka Springs, she also bought the same dress for herself and we proceeded to gallivant around in these matching dresses for subsequent years. This was about 15 years ago. The dress is still relevant and we both still have ours! Isn’t that fun?

NYC/The Dress

NYC was wonderful. It was fabulous to be with friends and family and I felt very spoiled. I’m a bit exhausted today but so thrilled that I found the dress!

A few pictures from the trip…

With mom after we bought “the dress”!

Sara, Me, Shayna and Ryan

With my mom and Rosaria – our helper

The girls at lunch

With Robert’s mom, Laurie and my Aunt Stephie and Uncle Alan

The view from Brooklyn

Meeting Randy from Say yes to the dress!

Pregnant Pause

(via loseyoursel-f, rebelqueen-)

This is too hysterical not to share. Last night, Robert and I went to Theo’s with my mom and her beau. The evening was nice but after we left, I realized I’d forgotten my cell phone. I freaked. I called mom to see if she was still there. She wasn’t. I called the bar and luckily they had it. I drove back to retrieve my precious iPhone. The bartender even asked me a security question (what is your background picture?) to make sure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands. I greatly appreciated that…

I got back into the car, beloved phone in hand. I opened my text messages. I gaped in horror. Whomever found my phone and graciously turned it in, had also pulled a little prank…

I immediately called my mom. She had been duped! I had to talk her OFF THE LEDGE. I even had to convince her that  I really didn’t send “the text”. Apparently, she didn’t put two and two together when I told her I thought I lost my phone…only minutes before she got “the text”. In shock, she showed “the text” to her man-friend and they proceeded to have a conversation about it. It went something like this:

“Is this for real?”, she gasped.

“It isn’t something she would joke about, right?”, he answered.

“Why would she send that to me in a text,” she wondered.

“She’s probably embarrassed and scared,” he replied.

“All we can do now is celebrate and be happy for her,” he suggested.

“This is such shock,” she mused.

Well, much to her relief and to the stranger’s presumed glee…it was all a pregnant prank. I have to admit, it was a pretty ballsy/hilarious thing to do…to someone else of course.

Image from every second counts


Mom & me back in the day

Mother’s day is nearing and we all love our mamas. I thought about my relationship with my mom the other day when she was upset with me about something (doesn’t actually happen often now that we don’t live together) and realized for the millionth time how special it is. Like most girls, my mother was my main female role-model as well as who I aspired to be as a child… and like many girls (unfortunately) my parents were divorced. So that was definitely the catalyst for my mom to become my predominant parent. We’ve always been close, but it’s so interesting how that relationship changes as the child -me- becomes an adult. Since I’m completely supporting myself and have been for almost three years, she’s taken on the role of mentor/friend, but that doesn’t stop her from resorting to mom-mode every once and a while.

My 10th birthday

My mom has had such an interesting life and the most exciting part about it is that she’s entering a really exciting phase now. She’s got great things happening in her work, she looks amazing and she’s even dating again – for the first time in about seven years. When I think about it, there’s no other woman in my life that I know as well or that I’ve truly been through everything with, she almost provides a blueprint for me to use in my life.  Here were the right decisions, here were the wrong ones. They’re there in my memory for me to personally to decipher and almost to judge – what to learn from or do differently as well as what to use as “gospel” for my own life. My mother is the only woman I feel I can truly know what she’s gone through. But, as I write this and think about my mom’s life, it almost reinforces how much I have yet to learn about her.

She’s the most amazing woman I know, so I feel pretty lucky to have her. Plus, I’m counting on her genes to look  as good as she does at almost 57!!!

Mom & me - Recently

Love you mom!

Self Control

Ok. I realized today that I am going to be physically on the beach in six weeks and two days. I do not feel nor feel that I look fat. With that said, I know I’d look better -5, -10, even -15lbs. I know I’d feel better, I know my clothes would fit better, I know my boyfriend (who lovingly tells me I look amazing) would agree once it was off.

My mom and I are going to Charleston, SC (one of my fave places) to visit my brother who is in college there. I want to get a tan and get lots of cute pictures and wear my cutest summer items while there, not to mention my mom is looking better than ever above age 55. NOT FAIR. If she asks to borrow my swimsuit, I know that will send me spiraling into anorexia but I’m just not sure I want to wait for that.

Here we all are. I think I’m hiding it pretty well but SUMMER IS COMING!

What can I do in 6ish weeks to lose 10lbs? I know it can be done. Question is…am I willing to do it and what is it that I should do.


Will also take:

These jeans were loose and are now quite tight. Too tight to wear.

Wish me luck. I NEED IT.

Powerpointing, etc.

Yesterday, I was telling my mother about a presentation I gave and she asked me if I did my powerpoint by myself. After I explained that I had, she went on to inquire where I learned to do a powerpoint? I later learned she did not know how to create one and considered  them to have some sort of mystique. I wonder if she knows I can do excel and access too, oh my?!

This week, my beau and I have turned over a proverbial “new leaf”. My friend from work’s husband was giving free bikram yoga classes to garner interest in his new yogi venture. I’d gone to my fair share in college and knew that while hot yoga is difficult, the results are inexplicably incredible. After 90 minutes of sweating it out in 104 degree temps, you leave slightly nauseas, soaking wet, starving and better than ever! I brought Robert along on Monday night and seemed to have forgotten how freaking HOT it was! I was, however, impressed with my black-belt-boyfriend’s flexibility ;). We went back last night for more and I must say that it was much easier and enjoyable and I think I’m already hooked again!

On another note, I recently listened to this Adele cover of  “To make you feel my love”. Hold your loved ones close to your heart… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jpzBEiARaE