Powerpointing, etc.

Yesterday, I was telling my mother about a presentation I gave and she asked me if I did my powerpoint by myself. After I explained that I had, she went on to inquire where I learned to do a powerpoint? I later learned she did not know how to create one and considered  them to have some sort of mystique. I wonder if she knows I can do excel and access too, oh my?!

This week, my beau and I have turned over a proverbial “new leaf”. My friend from work’s husband was giving free bikram yoga classes to garner interest in his new yogi venture. I’d gone to my fair share in college and knew that while hot yoga is difficult, the results are inexplicably incredible. After 90 minutes of sweating it out in 104 degree temps, you leave slightly nauseas, soaking wet, starving and better than ever! I brought Robert along on Monday night and seemed to have forgotten how freaking HOT it was! I was, however, impressed with my black-belt-boyfriend’s flexibility ;). We went back last night for more and I must say that it was much easier and enjoyable and I think I’m already hooked again!

On another note, I recently listened to this Adele cover of  “To make you feel my love”. Hold your loved ones close to your heart… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jpzBEiARaE

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